Carolinas Conversations Collection
Carolinas Conversations Collection

Public Search

 In the public access section of the corpus you can search for interviews with people according to age, gender, birthplace, education level, language(s) spoken, race/ethnicity, and disease or condition.

•    If you click on the button Interviewee, you will see a list of all the people interviewed.
•    If you click on one of the names, you will see the summary of their interview. Because there are a lot of interviews, the drop-down menus allow you to select a particular group of speakers. By choosing appropriate categories from the drop-down menus, you can see how many speakers and interviews there are in a given category (e.g., how many male Hispanics from a certain age group with diabetes or how many African American women over 80). 
•    In addition, a window allows you to search for and create a list of interviews containing words or phrases of particular interest to you, such as breakfast or jogging or insulin.  (If a word or phrase is not included in the brief summary, this does not, of course, mean that it is not mentioned in the full interviews.) 
The searches available in the public access section of the Carolinas Conversations Collection will provide you with sufficient information so that you can decide whether or not to apply for permission to access the restricted section of the corpus where you can watch or listen to whole interviews.
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Carolinas Conversations Collection