Carolinas Conversations Collection
Carolinas Conversations Collection


Links of Interest: A Sampler




            LaBB-CAT is this site's manager: it is a browser-based research tool that stores            

            time-aligned transcripts for audio and video, and annotations which can be automatic

            or manual. Developed by Robert Fromont and Jen Hay for the Origins of New Zealand

            English Project, it is also the repository for the New Zealand  Institute of Language,

            Brain and Behavior. Open source; downloadable.


Waring Historical Library  


            The Waring Historical Library houses the Special Collections and Rare Books for

            The Medical University of South Carolina.




            Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project exemplifies a thematic and

            historical oral history site  which combines first person accounts of incarcerated

            Japanese Americans with historical images and interdisciplinary lessons.


British Library Sound


            Archival sound recordings at the British Library: often includes special exhibits




            Video, text and audio clips of interviews about health and illness experiences




            Video, text and audio clips from young people talking about their health; forums




             A service of the UK Data Archive, with resources, deposits and training available.




            Primary organization of oral historians in the US; includes guidelines, resources,

            publications and featured sites.


Story Corps  


            National project helping everyday citizens to share their stories.


Writing, Aging and Spirit  


            Headed by researcher Ellen Bouchard Ryan, this site promotes writing

            in later life, including issues of life review, life stories, and intergenerational


Life Review Project


            Life reviews explained and collected




            Outstanding tutorial by scholar Charles Antaki on conversation analysis






            Excellent articles and videoclips on discourse analysis, including of aphasia, by

            scholar, Charles Goodwin


Politeness  ;                                                                                


            Tutorial on traditional politeness theory; Linguistics Politeness Research Group


Lee:  Corpus links  


            David Lee's Bookmarks for corpus linguistics


Mark Davies: corpora  


            8 (at last count in 2011) searchable online corpora of American and British

            English, Spanish and Portuguese




Carolinas Conversations Collection